About us

Hi there, myself (Nick) and my fiancé (Danielle) both have had a passion for plants, nature & animals from a young age now we share the passion (along with our two little mini humans Leon aged 9 & Willow aged 2 ). Our passion for plants has developed into more than just a hobby, A good few years back we decided to try and make a small amount of money to help towards reaching our dream.


We started selling plants on eBay and Facebook, after a few years we moved forward and started selling to the wholesale market then eventually made our own website www.thewillowgarden.co.uk we decided to call it the Willow Garden because our youngest daughter is called you guessed it Willow, eventually things started to take off especially over the summer months. We soon decided to expand our customer base, spending a substantial amount of money towards Facebook, Gumtree and eBay sponsored ads. along with website set up and maintenance costs I can tell you now it isn't easy.


We suffered a huge set back when Danielle was admitted to hospital with two Annular tears to her spine. After a substantial stay in hospital she is still off work with nerve damage and is unable to live as she once did so life is a lot harder for us at the moment but we won't let that stop us.


We do not have the substantial amount of money to start our dream just yet hence why starting the business, combining a love for nature into a business and one day earn enough to reach our goal and to make a difference to our local area, small charities that go unnoticed, keeping our countryside green for future generations.


Holding local events like litter picking walks with local communities, and working close with local farmers and suppliers. We have supported local charities such as Martineau Gardens, a beautiful therapeutic community garden and a charity, located two miles from Birmingham City Centre that we visit and would love to support more in the future.


We don't wish to be rich (hard to believe for most, but true for us), we hope to be self sufficient and to give back to the land. The world has seen such a positive change during Covid-19 and who says things have to return to the way they were. We can continue to improve the air we breathe so we would also love to start a tree planting campaign along with a pollinating plant scheme, hopefully we can accomplish this with your help from our customers we do accept donations towards cost of the Tree Planting campaign, Pollinating Scheme, Supplies for Litter Picking Walks, & more so anything would you could spare would be appreciated. If you would like more information or if you would like to help out with our upcoming  campaigns please email me at Nick@thewillowgarden.co.uk

Kind Regards 

Nick & Danielle